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1pcs Beekeeping Industry Worms Bee Supplies Export-type Worm Breeding Bee Tools Beekeeping Grafting Tool Beekeepers

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    Beekeeping Grafting Tool Bee Queen Larva Apiculture Retractable Grafting Equipment Supplies Insect Needle Breeders Tools
    Product Description

    Name: refined horn worm shift pin
    Material: High quality plastic + horns
    Length: 11.5cm
    Packing: 1 pcs
    Packing Material: thick foam bag (weight reduction, you save money)
    Brand new
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Red

    These grafting tools are simple pencil-like objects, contains a thin reed at the end.
    These grafting tools have a spring-loaded plunger used to gently push the larva off of the reed and into the cup.
    A non-slip grip is in the middle section.
    With these grafting tools, you can precisely transfer an individual bee larva to a queen cell cup.
    Widely used beekeeping grafting tools for queen rearing and royal jelly production.
    An essential beekeeping tool for beekeeper.
    Durable in use.

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