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Baby Nasal Aspirator Nose Cleaner for Newborn Baby Snot Absorb Household Nasal Suction Medical Device Baby Care Safety

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  • Description

    1. Medical grade.
    2. Medical grade suction, double valve anti-backflow design.
    3. Food grade Soft head design.
    4. Removable parts.
    5. Easy to clean.
    6. Compact & convenient.
    7. Convenient storage.

    Material: suction ball, nipple, exhaust valve: silicone (heat resistant 120 ° C) suction cylinder, intake valve: PP (heat resistant 110 ° C)
    Note: Please keep the product in a cool and dry environment during storage and transportation. Do not coexist with harmful and toxic substances
    Please do not boil or microwave disinfection. Clean with clean water cleaner

    How to use
    When using, hold the baby in your arms, first squeeze the pump, discharge the air a little, then gently insert the soft nozzle into the nostrils of the baby, then slowly loosen the pump, the baby’s nasal mucus can be sucked out.

    Parenting Tips
    Baby’s nose becomes hard, first apply a warm towel to the nose, and Re-suck after soften the nasal mucus.When using, please put the bonnet (venting hole) upwards, carefully put the nozzle into the nasal cavity, and gently squeeze the suction ball.

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