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BIOAQUA 120pcs Fragrance Clean Laundry Tablets Hand Laundry Detergent Powder Soap Softener Washing Clothes Skin Care


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  • Description

    Let the clothes stay natural and keep your family clean and guarded.
    You can safely clean your underwear and children’s clothing.
    The product dissolves in water for 6 seconds, and is discharged with water after washing, without residue.
    During use, if the product is dry or damp, it will not affect the washing effect.
    Suitable for all models and hand washes.
    Applicable method:
    first put the laundry into the washing machine, take out the laundry piece in the washing machine according to the recommended dosage, (the heavy stains increase the amount appropriately), and then wash it according to the routine. If it can be soaked for 20 minutes, the cleaning effect is more remarkable.
    Recommended dosage:
    1. Hand wash 1 piece of laundry is 5-8 pieces
    2. Machine wash 2 pieces of laundry is 8-12 pieces, 3 pieces of laundry is 12-18 pieces
    Package content:
    1set 120pcs Clean Laundry Sheet 




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